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Different Environments To Use Display Boards

Display boards can be seen as old fashioned, especially when you think back to the wall mounted pin board type. The fact is, they don’t have to be! As with most things, we’ve been able to modernise the display board and bring them into the present as a sleek and extremely useful piece of equipment.

Each space can benefit from a display board. And it’s up to use to show you where they can be used, and how.


Schools are the most obvious choice when it comes to displays. Generally speaking, pinnable display boards are wall mounted throughout the school for important teacher, student and parent notices.

However, in addition to the standard displays, a panel and pole configuration can be used through the school for multiple purposes. Suitable for use in a large hall ie school exhibition, to display artwork for age groups and in particular can work well for open & training days.

Waiting Areas

A doctors, dentist or workplace waiting room can be boring. If you’re waiting for an appointment, having a display to look at could use your time more wisely than just sitting staring into space.

The loop nylon fabric can be filled with helpful and educational notices and displayed with care. What’s more, the configuration of the panel and pole displays can be changed to suit the need and space available at that time.

Art Exhibitions

Whilst the loop nylon accepts Velcro tape for notices, pictures and information, the Universal panel and pole system can be used in other ways. With a strong, robust frame and pole, hooks can be added to the top of the panel. By adding the hook, the board can hold heavy pieces of framed artwork.

Art exhibitions require large and sometimes heavy pieces of work to be hung with ease, but also requires flexibility for future events. Panel and pole displays tick all the boxes and ensure the artist can effectively display their work and use the display boards for other events.


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