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How To Create A Healthy Work Place

Happiness and health in the workplace are triggered by many factors. Space, people, and environment all play a role. As an employer, you can provide some tools and products to influence the healthy space, but individuals need to make equal efforts to create the healthiest and happiest space.

Working together and understanding how physical and mental health brings happiness to the office may be the difference in overall office dynamics

Offering Free Fruit

After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Providing your employees with a fruit bowl is a great way to show that you care about their health and will encourage them to eat more fruit in their diet. Fruits bring benefits to the body, and each piece is rich in vitamins and sugars to keep us healthy.

Take away vending machines filled with fizzy drink and convenience food, removing temptations, and promoting healthy eating. Eating well can improve mood and increase concentration. This is always a winner!

The work-life balance

Excessive work isn’t healthy, so it’s important to have a comfortable work-life balance. No one should live to work. A healthy balance will relieve pressure and support struggles with mental health.

Everyone needs to rest, holiday and some time away from the office. Through taking a break, employees will be more rested and engaged than if they are continuously working and being over loaded with work.

Air Flow

It’s a simple thing but letting fresh air flow through the office will blow away the cobwebs. Moving air will keep the office fresh and make sure you’re awake and alert. Fresh air also lowers heart rate and blood pressure & provides greater clarity when thinking, focusing and concentrating.

So, when possible, open the windows and doors and let the fresh air flow. And with any luck, creativity and motivation will be in full swing.

Providing Peace

In a busy, fast paced environment, there will undoubtedly be noise. The combination of phone conversations, office chat and even the radio can distract and interrupt our train of thought.

For those who require a time out and wish to work in a quieter place, offering a room or work pod could be the ideal solution. Utilising acoustic office screening to absorb some unwanted noise, is a reliable way to increase productivity and make your employees happy!


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